Salesforce Texting App is the most suitable messaging solution for Salesforce

When one looks forward to salesforce SMS messaging functionality or text message via Salesforce, Salesforce Texting App is one that sets the basis of all the functionality in need. Salesforce texting App works as a text messaging solution for the businesses which are using Salesforce to manage their company and nothing could be better as this is the solution which is one step for all the salesforce powered organizations. 360 SMS App is the one that stands up for all the degrees to provide a user all its needs via Salesforce.


360 SMS App is a powerful texting app which provides all the functionalities like automated SMS, customized SMS templates etc. It developed in a way to improve the business cycle, increasing sales, including generating leads, supporting after sales and marketing.


Here are some of the functionalities of an extravagant salesforce texting app like -

  •  Creating MMS
  •  Sending single or bulk SMS simply
  •  It Generates automated SMS and MMS in an easy way
  •  Can create simple yet advance & customized SMS template
  •  Create alert messages and allow incoming notification
  •  Assign more than one number to multiple users and vice versa
  •  Set up notification and alert for the messages to be sent as an Email
  • ·Trigger messages as a response to an event reminder
  •  Increase user productivity by conducting surveys.
  •  Supports multiple, simultaneous, two-way text messaging chat sessions
  •  Compatibility with salesforce lightning experience
  •  See all the conversations in an attractive conversation panel


Thus, this most advanced Salesforce Texting App is gaining great respect on the basis of easy access, simple to use and versatility in the long go. This Salesforce Texting App is capable of marketing your products and services and reach more and more clients in a fast, easy and simple way. Engage your clients in your services, get feedback from the clients and focus on those areas which still needs to create, improve or modify. This seems to be a bonanza offer for salesforce intellects and users.